It is not about driving traffic to your page!

Man looking for Lead Generation using Email marketing for Lead Generation

Are you confused or not sure where to put your digital spending? It may be paying someone to do it for you or doing it yourself. In either case, it is an investment in both time and money.

Of course, it goes without saying that it’s not about driving traffic to your page it’s about driving the right traffic. Even the right traffic has to be from the right sources. Yes, some are better than others!

So, what traffic sources convert the best? We’ve ranked the most common channels below so you can see them for yourself.

Note: In order to get a good sample we have used data not only from our own sources but from our partners and other sources freely available online.

1. Email: 2.6% (2.8% for B2B and 2.6% for B2C)
Why does direct emial work the best? Simply these are the people that may have experienced your brand and have a relationship with you, even if from only reading your email.  So it is important to build an email list of qualified leads and customers. Yes, it takes time to grow your list—and you likely won’t see results right away—but if you stick with it it will pay off big time in the long run.

2. Organic Search: 2.3% (2.1% for B2B and 2.6% for B2C)
Coming in at a close second is organic search. No surprise here. People who perform a search are generally trying to solve a problem and are further along in the buying journey. This is where you need to provide a quick and easy solution to that problem, increasing your probability of developing a new lead or customer.  Web Content is the key here to show that you can help them. Like email traffic, organic traffic takes time to build. However, if you consistently publish quality SEO-optimized content that solves the needs your customers have you’ll eventually see results.

3. Organic Social: 2.05% (2.4% for B2B and 1.7% for B2C)
Like direct email, these are people who are already familiar with your brand and have chosen to see your content, so it makes sense that this type of traffic would convert well. Only those who subscribe to your social channels see your posts organically, so reach can be limited. Yes, you know it! Organic social traffic also doesn’t always come quickly and easily. You’ll need to work on it for a while before you grow a sizable following. But this is another investment that’s worth the effort. Regular and giving are the keys here.

4. Paid Social: 1.5% (2.1% for B2B and 0.9% for B2C)
This is the first paid traffic source on the list, and you’ll notice a sizable dropoff in conversion rate. Why is this the first paid traffic source? Well you have an opportunity, with the right content to demonstrate how you can meet their needs and how to find out more. That’s why you have to pay to get your content in front of them. As these are generally brand new prospects who aren’t familiar with your brand yet,  paid social traffic does not convert as well organic?

5. Paid Search: 1.35% (1.2% for B2B and 1.5% for B2C)
At the bottom of our list is paid search, which on average converts just a little less frequently than paid social. While there isn’t a whole lot of difference between organic and paid search listings, besides one having the “sponsored” label. It is thought that visitors are more apprehensive about paid listings because they know they’re more likely to sell them something.

In Summary: No real surprises here 

In the normal course of events, free organic traffic sources will generate a higher conversion rate. People are still wary of paid or sponsored advertising.  Paid traffic can be a great way to supplement organic traffic and help you find your audience as you build up your organic channels. IN the long term a focus on email, organic search, and organic social traffic will pay bigger dividends.