6 SEO Terms to Understand

Keyboard typing understaning SEO, cheap website design
Keyboard typing understaning SEO, cheap website design

It takes more than reading a blog post to fully understand how to drive more traffic to your website. It takes a clear understanding of search engine optimization (SEO) and all its components, which can be confusing, not to mention time-consuming. So you employ a professional to do this important work for you. To help you understand some of what they are saying here are a few terms.

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Here is a  list of the terms we think every SEO beginner should know. It’s not everything about SEO, but it is a start.

As simple as keywords might be, they are incredibly important to SEO.

Keywords are the words or phrases on the website that allow it to be found. For example, if you wanted to find this blog via search engine results, the keywords might be something like “SEO Terms” or “ChatterBuzz Media Blog.” Notice these are not creative titles, yet are precise and describe exactly what the page contains. Keywords that are vague or that yield too many results are ineffective.

Resources like Google Keyword Planner will help you determine which keywords you should target.

Meta Description:
A meta description follows a title tag in terms of the description of a page. It is a sentence or two that describes briefly what that page or website contains.

The more relevant a meta description is to a search query, the more likely it will appear in the search results page, below the page title. An accurate and SEO-friendly meta description will keep your page relevant through the millions of searches happening every minute.

Alt Attribute Text (or Alt Text):
Have you ever searched for an item and had an ad with a photograph of the item appear? If you have, then you’ve seen alt text in action.

Alt text refers to the text description of an image that signifies what the image contains. You cannot see the alt text when you look at a photo because it is hidden in the backend of the webpage where the photo is placed.

Alt-text is an effective way to boost your search engine ranking because it allows images on your website to be found during a search.

Authority refers to a page’s ability to rank high in search engine results.

Five factors are considered in authority rank:

Age of the page
Page’s traffic trends
Backlinks profile
Quality of page content
Technical SEO (site speed, schema, etc)

Title Tag:

Along with being an HTML element, title tags are crucial for SEO. They help companies accurately describe what their websites contain on search result pages and browser pages. Optimizing title tags for each page allows, users and search engines to quickly gauge the content it includes, allowing pages to be easily linked and ranked.

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