About Us

Why Web 8

At Web8 our customers are top of mind. We know what we are good at and will not offer a service we are not 150% confident in. 

So what are we good at?

  1. Website Design and Development. We will build you a great website and make sure it is delivering your message in a way your target market wants. 
  2. SEO. Tranparencey is our super power your online dashboard gives real time information and can be set up to show you the results you are getting. 
  3. No Geek Speak or smoke and mirrors. We are here to help you grow. That means enquiries and New Customers. Nothing else matters. 
  4. Customer Service. No being passed from one person to the next. No matter who your Web8 lead is that is who will make sure you get what you have asked for. 

Why Web8. Simply a reference to the Kiwi #8 wire, we are proud of our Kiwi Can DO Attitude and our love for our clients! 

There Had To Be A Better Way

Why did I start Web 8? Simply there had to be a way to deliver high-quality web design and SEO services, great customer experiences, and value for money. 

We think by using best-in-class contractors we have found it. So how does this work? Simply we have great relationships with offshore Web design and SEO companies. We chose these partners because they not not only share our vision of a great customer experience but bring a scale we could not otherwise have without significant price increases. We keep our costs low and scalable giving you the benefits of using international Web Designers and SEO experts. We have access to a global team of over 350. Our Experience Experts are there during normal business hours liasing to give you the Best Website Deverlopment and most cost effective search engine optimisation available. Many of our customers are often on the tools during the day. So we are available outside office hours, by arrangement. 

I also wanted a business that gives me the freedom to head out doors. Yes me in my happy place. No power no signal no wifi!


Web Design team meeting discussing cheap Website Development and search engine optimisation
Web Design team meeting discussing cheap Website Development and search engine optimisation
Web 8 founder considers serch engine optimisatin and best webstie desgin practices

What We Do For You