5 Signs You Need a New Website

Building Great Website Design
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  • Post last modified:03/28/2023

Does your website effectively promote your work and help you book more clients? If the answer is no then what’s the point in keeping this powerful marketing tool, and investing time and effort into it!

Do you want your business to grow even in these tough times then you need to keep investing and updating your website is one of the most effective things you can do. Your website must

  1. Look good and engage your visitor
  2. Present information in a clear,  and intuitive way.
  3. Load quickly
  4. STAND OUT from your Competitors

Here are 5 reasons why you should invest in updating your site. If you don’t have a site then that is a subject for another day but you should get one. 

#1 You are not attracting the right prospects. Dial shoing website growth

if you are not getting inquiries from the type of clients you want to work with, you are not positioning yourself correctly on the market. You may be getting a lot of tire kickers and time wasters perhaps they just can’t afford you, and they may not be geographically close enough. So review your content, images, and video. Maybe there is work you used to do but don’t want now as there is more profitable work you can be doing. After all there are only so many hours in the day.

#2 Your Tech is old

Website technology is always changing and improving. Faster, simpler, lighter, and more secure are the goals of the modern code-writing team. By upgrading you win in several areas

  1. Google Search is ranking sites on User Experience.
  2. Reduce Bounce Rates (another search engine ranking priority) This shows your data is relevant and visitors find your website useful.
  3. Better Load speed is also part of Googles UX
  4. Heck the better your visitor experience the better your chance of getting a customer and  THAT IS THE END GOAL!

#3 Add IntegrationsWebsite design showing integration

There are many and, more are coming every day. Some are making our life as business owners more efficient and others are adding to the user experience. Here are a few

  1. Social media this helps with SEO as it can keep your content “fresh”
  2. Google Analytics, the new G4 is here giving us all more and better data to use.
  3. Calendars: Lets your prospect book a meeting with out the back and forth of emails. Saves time and improves the number of appointments you will get.
  4. Reservation/booking systems, similar to calendars.
  5. Content management systems. Keep your content fresh and get it done when it suits you without massive payments or delays.
  6. CRM Systems: makes sure you don’t miss any enquiries and collects information on your prospects

#4 Your website Design Needs Upgrading

You upgrade your laptops, phones, vehicles, and signage so why forget your website?  Your competitors are. We all know that the digital world is constantly changing and evolving. What was trendy yesterday, may not be next week. To help your business succeed, you need to be agile with your visual presentation and website design. Is your website more than 3 years old chances are it’s far behind in terms of looks and functionality. Old code can slow the download speed or the way it responds on different devices. It may also not be compatible with some of the latest popular browsers and plug-ins like Google Analytics.

#5 Site Security

This is another one that is big on Google’s list. So it should be one of your top priorities. We hear all too often about large companies that get hacked, compromising information such as client’s credit cards or social security numbers. This leads to a lack of trust and also hurts the business – clients may choose to go to their competitors for fear that their information might be compromised again. You may have seen a Page pop up saying the site is not secure return to safety. Rest assured everyone hits the back or closes X. SSL or Secure Sockets Layer is a secure form of transporting information from a server to a browser.

So what can you do about this? Book a free 30-minute review with us. You will come away with at least 3 actions you can take to update your website for free. BOOK NOW