Chat Gp Real World Prompts That Work

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Small and medium business owners can leverage the power of AI for various purposes, extending beyond their imagination. From brainstorming processes to creating content for blogs, social media posts, newsletters, and more, AI can be an invaluable tool. Let’s delve into different prompts that SME owners can use to enhance their marketing strategy.

AI Prompts for Lead Generation

Lead generation is a crucial process. SME owners can empower themselves to attract more prospects with customized results. Here are some examples of AI prompts for effective lead generation:

  • Generate ideas for a new product launch in [month] that incorporates the theme of [season] and [tone].
  • Brainstorm content ideas for a blog post about [topic] in [number] of words or less, optimized for search engines using appropriate headings (H2s and H3s).
  • Suggest high-volume keyword clusters for [topic] to optimize search engine rankings.
  • Identify popular trends in the [product or service] industry that would interest [target audience] during the upcoming [season].
  • Identify new channels for advertising [product] apart from the ones you are currently using.
  • Suggest new strategies for lead generation in [market] and [industry]. 
  • Suggest [number] ways to improve website traffic during the [holiday season].
Lead Generation ideas for email marketing and website development
  • Identify potential target audiences in [location] who would be interested in purchasing [product] to solve their [pain point].
  •  Generate ideas for creating a viral social media campaign using recent trending audios or popular memes from [month], 2024.

AI Prompts for Drafting Emails

Crafting effective and engaging emails is crucial for small to medium business owners to communicate with their audience, nurture leads, and drive conversions. AI prompts can provide valuable assistance in creating impactful email content. Here are some AI prompts specifically designed for drafting compelling emails:

  • Write an email introducing a new product or service and highlighting its key features and benefits. 

  • Generate ideas for a series of email newsletters to keep subscribers informed about industry trends, company updates, and special offers. 

  • Craft a follow-up email sequence for abandoned carts, offering incentives or personalized recommendations to encourage a purchase.

  • Write an email inviting customers to participate in a survey or provide feedback on their experience with your products or services.

  • Generate ideas for a re-engagement email campaign targeting inactive subscribers, offering exclusive promotions or valuable content.


Ai used for email marketing
  • Create a script for a TikTok video demonstrating the product for a maximum duration of 2 minutes.
  • Develop a Snapchat story promoting a limited-time offer and describe the stickers or filters that can enhance it.
  • Craft a captivating blog post title to promote a new social media campaign within [number] characters.
  • Create an email subject line to promote a new blog post that feels personal, enticing, and avoids sounding like spam.

AI Prompts for Drafting Social Media Posts

AI can distinguish between different social media platforms? SME owners can benefit from AI prompts specifically tailored to their preferred channels, rather than relying on generic strategies

  • Craft a tweet promoting a new product targeted at [industry] professionals in [location].
  • Generate an Instagram post featuring a customer testimonial about [product] within [number] words.
  • Write a compelling Facebook post introducing a new product feature and rephrase its current description to make it more exciting and impactful: [insert current product description text].
  • Create a persuasive LinkedIn post promoting a new job opening in [number] words or less, with a strong call to action.
  • Draft a Pinterest post showcasing a new product line and provide tips on improving product photography for [specific aesthetic].
  • Write a YouTube video description for a new product review and include links to the product landing page for more information.
  • Write an email requesting customer reviews or testimonials, offering incentives or showcasing the benefits of sharing their feedback.
Ai in social media management
  • Craft a personalized email for a customer’s birthday, anniversary, or other special occasions, including a discount or a personalized message. 

  • Write a compelling email announcing a limited-time offer or flash sale, creating a sense of urgency and driving immediate action. 

  • Craft an email series to onboard new customers, providing them with valuable information and resources to ensure a smooth experience. 

AI Prompts for Blog Writing

Creating compelling and informative blog content is essential for small to medium business owners to establish thought leadership, attract organic traffic, and engage with their target audience. AI prompts can provide valuable inspiration and guidance for crafting engaging blog posts. Here are some AI prompts designed specifically for blog writing:

  • Generate ideas for a blog post that discusses the latest industry trends and provides actionable tips for businesses in [industry].
  • Write a blog post that showcases a case study or success story of a customer who achieved remarkable results using your product or service.
  • Develop a blog post that explores the benefits and best practices of [topic] in [industry].
  • Generate ideas for a blog post series that guides readers through a step-by-step process related to your product or service.
  • Craft a blog post that addresses common challenges or pain points faced by your target audience and provides practical solutions.
AI for better SEO and Web Design
  • Generate ideas for a blog post that debunks common myths or misconceptions related to your product, service, or industry.
  • Craft a blog post that shares valuable tips, hacks, or strategies to optimize [specific area] for businesses in [industry].
  • Write a blog post that features an interview with an industry expert or thought leader, discussing current trends and future predictions.


AI technology offers immense opportunities for small to medium business owners to enhance their marketing strategies and streamline their content creation process. By leveraging AI prompts tailored to their specific needs, SME owners can unlock the full potential of AI in lead generation, social media drafting, podcast/video content creation, content promotion, and content repurposing.

From generating new product ideas to crafting compelling social media posts and developing engaging podcast episodes or video series, AI prompts provide valuable guidance and inspiration. Additionally, AI can assist in optimizing content promotion efforts, identifying the best timing for publishing blog posts, creating attention-grabbing outreach emails, and suggesting effective hashtags for social media campaigns.

Furthermore, AI prompts enable SME owners to repurpose outdated content into fresh and relevant formats, maximizing the value of their previous work. By repackaging old blog posts, webinars, eBooks, and more, SME owners can breathe new life into their content and reach wider audiences.

As AI continues to advance, it is essential for SME owners to embrace this technology and utilize specific and concise prompts to achieve the desired results. By harnessing the power of AI, small to medium business owners can streamline their marketing efforts, attract more leads, engage with their target audience, and ultimately drive business growth in today’s competitive landscape.