Email Marketing FAQs

Email Marketing FAQs Snapshot of an email campaign analytics dashboard showing open rates and click-through rates.

Kia ora and welcome to the ultimate guide to email marketing success! We’ve compiled answers to the most burning questions about boosting your email conversions and selling like never before. Think of it as your personal ‘cheat sheet’ for mastering the art of email marketing in Aotearoa.

Should I buy an Email List

NO NO No and Never I put this is at the top as it is vital

  • You might break data protection laws
  • You risk damaging your email sender reputation
  • Your brand reputation might also suffer
  • You’ll get poor results from your email marketing campaigns
  • You won’t be able use email marketing services


Email marketing best price
Email marketing open rates

What’s a good open rate? How do I increase my open rates?

On average, a 15-20% open rate is standard for warm lists of a few thousand people. Ensure you hit at least 20%, or you might face spam issues. Aim for 25% or more with smaller lists. Curiosity and benefit are key in subject lines; add bits of contradiction or social proof. Be specific, and consider the examples provided for inspiration.

How do I increase my click rates?

Click rates vary, but linking your text to the subject line increases clicks. Long, content-rich emails may get 1% clicks with high purchase intent, while shorter emails with a link can achieve 3-5% clicks. Make the link text closely match the subject line for better results.

How do you come up with content for emails

Relatable stories are the goldmine for effective emails. Share cool, funny, or embarrassing stories relevant to your audience, followed by the lesson learned and how your product/service can help achieve the benefit faster or better. If personal stories aren’t suitable, explore Reddit for relevant narratives.

How do you balance promotional emails vs value email

Tell a story or share a testimonial, then transition into how a concept/product/service solved a problem. Provide value or entertainment to avoid sounding salesy.

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Email marketing frequency

How often should I send emails?

Sending daily emails can boost sales. Subscribers joined for a reason, and sending 7 quality emails per week won’t usually lead to unsubscribes. Focus on stories, value, and entertainment rather than frequency to maintain engagement. For B2B Businesses Weekly at most and add value!

What’s the best day & time to send emails?

ick a time when your niche/market is least busy or asleep. Sundays and post-work hours work well, but good emails can overcome poor timing. Focus on writing compelling content rather than worrying about perfect timing. The advantage of email is that it sits in the inbox so can be opened anytime

What’s the best way to get a response?

Keep it simple; ask a straightforward question. Short and sweet emails with uncomplicated questions work wonders. Boosts deliverability and fosters connections with subscribers.

How do I keep people interested in my emails over time?

Craft a welcoming email that makes sense, delivering what subscribers asked for and outlining what to expect in the future. Write emails addressing FAQs, highlighting product benefits, and sharing personal stories to enhance relatability.

Email marketing improving response
Email marketing engaging subscribers

How should I re-engage inactive subscribers without hurting my deliverability to active subscribers?

Use a curiosity-based subject line, remind them of who you are, state why you’re reaching out, and present an enticing offer or freebie. Limit re-engagement attempts to avoid spam issues. Consider removing subscribers who haven’t engaged for 30-60 days.

How do I get out of the Gmail Promo Tab?

Avoid using salesy or spammy words in your emails and focus on creating valuable content. The Promo Tab placement depends on domain reputation and content quality. 

Which ESP (Email Service Provider should I use?

Principles matter more than the ESP, but Lazy Magnet has been specifically built with Kiwi Business in mind and is my top choice for its excellent deliverability and automation features. Other good options include Klaviyo, Ontraport, and Maropost. Avoid Mailchimp and Hubspot or there limitations.

How do you grow an email list?

Focus on a valuable offer, build lists from traffic sources, and differentiate between subscribers who buy and those seeking freebies. Use paid advertising for significant traffic and consider platforms like Upwork for remote job opportunities.

Email marketing grow your list
Email marketing metrics

What metrics should I track?

Track sales, open rates, click rates, EPC (Earnings per Click), PPM (Profit per 1,000 sends), and Earnings per Subscriber per month

Can I hire you to do all or some of this email stuff for me?

Absolutely! Reach out to for inquiries about my agency’s services or referrals to kickstart your email marketing success.

How fancy do my emails need to be?

For most businesses, simplicity is key. Avoid overly fancy visuals, especially images, as they can lead to lower open rates or placement in the Promo Tab. Focus on neatness and message clarity. Save the fancy stuff for ecommerce if visuals are crucial.

. Am I going to spam? How do I get out of spam or make sure I DON’T go to spam?

Symptoms of potential spam include low open rates, declining open/click rates, and emails going to spam with new addresses. Improve domain reputation by cutting down the list size temporarily and gradually reintroducing subscribers. Alternatively, consider using a new domain.

Email marketing no spam

In Conclusion

In conclusion, congratulations on making it through our comprehensive FAQ guide on mastering the art of email marketing in Aotearoa! We’ve covered everything from open rates and click-through strategies to engaging content creation and re-engaging inactive subscribers. I trust you’ve found these insights valuable and applicable to your email marketing journey. revenue growth. In the ever-evolving digital sphere, staying ahead requires a commitment to adaptability, innovation, and the relentless pursuit of excellence in SEO practices. Here are a few more ideas

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