Website Maintenance Checklist Part 2

How many of us give our website a second thought? Yes we have one and it brings us some work but we don’t pay attention to it. Do you check your company vehicles, signage, building exteriors, building interiors? Of course a tagged sign is just not good for business, neither is a messy reception area! More people are likely to see your website than your signage or vehicles and reception area combined! 

Here is a checklist for your website. If you don’t have time then the team at Web8 can help out for LESS THAN $30 A WEEK! 

A Simple Checklist The Second Six

Content Grammar & Readability

Over time, errors can creep into your site content as changes are made by numerous people. Some of us are better than others at grammar and general writing skills.  It pays to check your site by reading and correcting all content on the site. Check often forgotten “thank you” pages. This could include checking ALT text associated with images that search engines use to index what that content is about. This last one is vital as it has a major impact on Search Engine Results.


Sitemap files tell search engines the structure of your website and help incorrectly indexing your site with Google. Check the sitemap to ensure that it is up to date. Check for broken links to deleted legacy pages. Also, check to ensure links to newly added and important pages are updated within the sitemap. Check that the sitemap.xml file is automatically updating. Submit it to search engines if necessary.

Website Design

Over time, a website’s design will date and become less competitive. While graphic elements can be changed to refresh the site, at some point you need to consider a full website redesign. This can be caused by seachanges such as Smart Phones, Video, and who knows what is next. Older coding can also affect load speeds and that is just a no-no.


As new CMS platforms and code technologies evolve, many website scripts need to be altered or added to keep up with compatibility and the competition.  Speed is one of many factors to be considered. Everything is about improving speed, function, offerings, user experiences. With 5 G rolling out and increasing the use of land and mobile data speeds the evolution will only speed up

Analytics & Conversions

This is about being seen and easy to find when people are looking for you. Making sure your content is relevant to the market you are targeting. Reducing the number of time-wasting calls and increasing the number of valuable leads. Check for active tracking scripts on all pages particularly on static sites with automated Content Management. Check and test Goals and conversion data in your analytics reports to confirm that key actions and events are being recorded for analysis.

Search Engine Optimisation

Rumor has it that a safe place to store anything is page 3 of Google as no one looks there.  Use a website auditor tool like SEMrush to find structural problems with your site that may affect how search engines view your site like missing meta titles, poor responsive design, or duplicate content. Correct critical issues and plan a time to address other issues.

In Conclusion

Of course, you have your car serviced by a professional on a regular basis.  To leave it to chance is just not going to make for reliable motoring


Many clients under-estimate the importance of regular website maintenance and complain to the website development agency when it breaks! If you’re not booking your website in for a regular service then we know who is really at fault when traffic comes to an untimely halt.

It’s vital to keep your website asset purring and performing. Web 8  offers affordable website maintenance packages for any business, whether we built your website or not.

Does this all look to be a lot of work to add to your daily workload? If so we have packages that can be a cost-effective way to make sure you are online and your website is working

Just drop me an email and we can have a chat 

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