Website Maintenance Checklist Part 1

How many of us give our website a second thought? Yes we have one and it brings us some work but we don’t pay attention to it. Do you check your company vehicles, signage, building exteriors, building interiors? Of course a tagged sign is just not good for business, neither is a messy reception area! More people are likely to see your website than your signage or vehicles and reception area combined! 

Here is a checklist for your website. If you dont have time then the team at Web8 can help out for LESS THAN $30 A WEEK! 

A Simple Checklist The First Six

Website Backups

Make sure that your website files and database backups are being automatically performed on at least a weekly basis. Restore from backup at least once every six months to ensure the backups are valid. Verify that backups are also stored off-site or include a cloud backup system. Sounds simple and it is but if you don’t it can be costly

 Software Updates

Like any it related system updates are necessary to the correct operation of your website and can impact on load speeds, security and visitor satisfaction. All necessary for SEO and your visitor. Apply available security patches for any software your site relies on (e.g. PHP, content management systems, ecommerce carts, etc.) Ensure you have a full site backup before applying updates. Check website and extension functions after applying updates. Evaluate non-critical software updates to see if they’re worth applying.

Broken Links

Again this is important for your visitor as they may see one broken link think you have closed and moved on to your competitor. Run a link checker to crawl your site and look for broken links that can annoy users and reduce search engine rankings. Use a free tool like Online Website Link Checker or a website auditing and SEO app like SEMrush.

Website Errors

Check all error log files and messages at Google Search Console to make sure there are no major issues. This can impact users finding the right page and search engine results can be affected.

Site Speed

No one likes slow page loads including Google. Use Google PageSpeed Insights or GTmetrix to check how quickly your website pages load and get actionable recommendations. Ensure that website editors loading appropriately resized images and that the website itself is adequately optimizing images. Agin if a site is slow to load visitors may well just move on to the next one. Google and other search engines see speed as a critical factor

Website Forms

Forms are usually an important part of lead generation and need to be checked regularly for script errors or changes in destination emails. There is nothing worse than having a potential client email you and the email not arriving. Lost sales for all that hard work The connection to automation apps and email lists should be tested as well.

There are 6 more to come in a later blog so check back regularly or just email me and I will send them to you.

Does this all look to be a lot of work to add to your daily workload? If so we have packages that can be a cost-effective way to make sure you are online and your website is working

Just drop me an email and we can have a chat 

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