Staying Sane

Hi Guys
Can I just offer a little advice here? Sure this sounds bad and we all need to take some actions and look at how we will get by. Having lived overseas through some tough times SARs, 9/11, Bali and Marriott Bombings, Overt death threats against the company I worked for (by this I mean a bomb outside the Country Managers Office window, and emails directed at our families) and I think I have some understanding of how everyone is feeling. Shock worry fear, anxiety these do not begin to cover it. So May I suggest the following as a way forward

1. If you work by yourself talk to your family and friends let then know that $$ may be tight and we have to make a few changes
2. Sort out the finances talk to banks, accountants, landlords, creditors be upfront with them They are going through this too.
3. Treat your staff as your family and be upfront with them, you never know where a great idea will come from
4. Once you know the state of the play then you can deal with it review spending, look for alternatives

Ok so in a few days we are settling into the new routine and you find you have extra time on your hands, people are not walking up to you and asking questions, clients are not calling about jobs. In fact, a lot of the Work on Jobs has taken a back seat. So now it is important to look at how you are going to spend the next 3 to how many weeks it will be. Here is how I am looking to do this

1. Take some time with my teenagers. They can not escape. 😊😊😁
2. Take my wife to the movies well a Netflix in the comfort of our room, wine, snacks who knows what. Date night will be a little different for sure 😍😍😍
3. Finally getting more involved with my Church and neighbours. I am printing off my email details and will drop in my neighbors letterbox who knows who I will meet I know a couple of elderly couples so I have already given them my details and said I will check up every day or so with them, If they want shopping I can add to mine.
4. Get to work on that long list of jobs that the day to day workload pushes back some of these include
o Recruitment
o Updating my Website (crazy but it’s a little like a mechanics car)
o Improving my digital marketing, this includes writing some how-to guides and other things that have just been put down the list. Again we seem to spend the time doing this for our clients and not for us
o Implementing some new ideas to grow the business
o Learning and updating some skills

Do I need a business coach for this? Well, my wife and kids are pretty involved and are great at telling me what to do. But if you think it is necessary then now would be a good time to look at this as well.
Thanks for reading please take a minute to watch this video
These guys gave for us now it’s our turn to return the favor
Stay Well

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