How to attract more leads


Let’s face it we have all been there,  just as we sit down in a meeting or to tackle that tough task on the to-do list the phone rings.  Hi, may I speak to Fred Flint please, this is a vital idea that will make your company more sales than you have ever seen!

Oh no just when I was getting on to that major task I must get done. “Sorry I am busy, not interested!”

Well, this is why we are talking about lead generation now. Inbound lead generation is about developing a pool of potential clients that are at least interested in your product or service. You go from being that annoying business interruption to someone who can solve a problem.

Lead Generation a Simple Explanation

A Definition of a lead?

To put it simply, so even I understand it! A lead is a person who has indicated they are interested in your offering. This can take many forms from a phone inquiry, someone who has completed a survey or entered a competition, downloaded an ebook or other information. 

As the Lead, you have started the communication process rather than a random call.  After all, if you had an email from a recruitment company that you had downloaded some information from it would be far less intrusive than a call out of nowhere and they did not even know you were looking for recruitment services.





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