Google Core Update

Google Core Update

Google has done a core update. Nothing to be concerned about. If you feel you need to do something then focus on content.Just as in everything be the best you can be by offering the best content you can.
To quote Google
“As explained, pages that drop after a core update don’t have anything wrong to fix. This said, we understand those who do less well after a core update change may still feel they need to do something. We suggest focusing on ensuring you’re offering the best content you can. That’s what our algorithms seek to reward”.

Here are a few questions you should be answering 

 Does the content provide original information, reporting, research, or analysis?
Does the content provide a substantial, complete, or comprehensive description of the topic?
 Does the content provide insightful analysis or interesting information that is beyond obvious?
 If the content draws on other sources, does it avoid simply copying or rewriting those sources and instead provide substantial additional value and originality?
 Does the headline and/or page title provide a descriptive, helpful summary of the content?
 Does the headline and/or page title avoid being exaggerating or shocking in nature?
 Would you expect to see this content in or referenced by a printed magazine, encyclopedia or book?
Is this the sort of page you’d want to bookmark, share with a friend, or recommend?…


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