Getting Stuff Done!

Are you great at planning but implementing just does not seem to happen?

Three things that may help

1. Make a commitment to yourself

This is your business and your plan so it is up to you. There are many ways to do this and you don’t need expensive software to do this. I have a to-do list on my calendar that really just gives me a guide. What really helps me get things done is so low tech it’s not funny I use post its every day I write on post its what I want to get done. I then working from right to left put them in order of importance. Cheap yes low tech yes It works for me. Warning it may not work for you. Find what does refine it and stick to it.

2. Share your plans

I have mentioned my partner and family a couple of times. I share with them what I want to achieve, not daily or formally it happens over dinner or a coffee or a wine. But by sharing these it gives them the light of day. Be warned though. My family are my harshest critics and greatest supporters so a double-edged sword but it keeps me on track.

3 Review your plans

Set regular review periods to not only make sure you are on track, that the plan is working and the plan is growing your business. Without this, you may be doing a lot of work and still not growing.  Make sure your team is the right people with the right tools

4 Update and Repeat

The review has shown you what has worked and what has not. So update the plan including new objectives and repeat the process


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