Customer Pain Points

When looking at your website and social media a useful tool is to identify your customer’s pain points. If you have your customer avatars then these should be part of the information stored in the Avatar. However, if you do not have this view of your customer then identifying their pain points is a good start. Did I mention these pain points need to be specific for your industry? The pain points an Accountant solves are different from those an Electrician would solve. You also need to check back from time to time as pain points can change, just look back 12 months and see how yours have changed.

So why are these important for websites and social media? Well if Content is King then Targeted Content is the big Kahuna. When you understand the pain points that you solve then you can target your content to show how you resolve these specific points. Your content is relevant and more likely to be found by the right prospects. Reducing the time spent on prospects that you can not help. A pain point is a difference between someone thinking, “wow, that’s a cute product,” and “oh my word, I need that RIGHT NOW to solve this problem I’m having.”

Let’s look at some common Pain Points

  1. Financial Pain Points

    Money is why we are in business, and many business pains are caused by lack of it and solved by more of it. Every company benefits from improving its financial position. Here are some examples of critical financial pain points that require serious solutions:

    • “Our competitors are outselling us”
    • “Our revenues are down year on year”
    • ” We are not growing as we planned”
    • “We are selling more but our profits are down.”
    • “How can we get more visibility of our finances”
    • “Are we right-sized for the current market and our growth plan”

    You may be able to help businesses that want to reduce spending or improve cash flow.

  2. People Pain Points

    People make our business and often are the greatest expense and largest asset. People problems tend to trickle through all aspects of a business Impacting everything from Customer Experience to staff turnover

    • “How do we make sure our remote workers are engaged”
    • “Our people are not engaged”
    • “When we get a good person they do not stay long”
    • “We lose our best employees to higher-paying positions elsewhere.”
    • “Our team is not capable of innovating or accepting new ideas”
    • “Our managers are not willing to pass on knowledge and train successors”

    If your product or service helps organizations manage, incentivize, or delight employees, you’ll take the pressure off those at the top and look like a hero to anyone else involved too.

  3. Marketing Pain Points

    We all need to acquire more or better business? Easier said than done. Many businesses may know what’s holding their marketing and positioning efforts back. Marketing causing some pain here are a few pointers to this

    • “The market has changed how can we be proactive to these changes”
    • “No one knows what our company does and how we can help .”
    • “Our competitors are beating us to the new accounts.”
    • “Until now, we haven’t needed digital marketing, now we are losing market share to online businesses.”

    Fixing these is an easy way to show how you can improve their revenue and market share.

  4. Productivity Pain Points

    As leaders a major part of our role is to remove roadblocks for the team so that things get done, productivity is high, and profit benefits. That said, it’s easy to get stuck in the weeds of the business and fall victim to inefficiencies that waste major time. Here are some examples of productivity pain points in business:

    • “We keep missing client deadlines.”
    • “We spend way too much time in meetings.”
    • “Our administrative work is out of hand.”
    • “Quality issues with our product has led to costly recalls and/or customer churn.”

    If there’s something prohibiting a company and its employees from working efficiently and effectively, you can position your solution as a time, money, and client rescuer.

What Can You Do? 

  1. Ask the right questions there will be a future blog on this. Email us with subscribe in the subject box 
  2. Check your website and social media
  3. Talk to Web8 to see how we can help you with this. Just email us with  Call Please in the subject 

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