Building New Customers

One thing I have learned over too many years in business is that a solid relationship builds a good business partnership.

To Start With

Let me ask you this. If you or I were to go to the mall (they are open now) and if I went up to 100 people and asked them do you want to buy my widget and will you buy it now, how many would say YES? You may get lucky and 2 or 3 would say yes. Probably less than this. Why? Well simply put we are going for the kill right away and there are too many questions left unanswered.  We have not done the right thing and that is starting a relationship. Getting to know you!

Let’s look at some general numbers. There is always an exception to these but overall this is what you can expect.

So at any one time, there are about 3% of people wanting to buy your widget. They are on Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc… They see you and you say I have the widget you are looking for then they are interested.

Then there are about 30% who say this is not for me now but maybe in the future. They are the NO’s of today but may buy later. They know what your widget does and do not want it now but may do in the future.

Where Should We Focus

The 3% that are actively looking will find us provided we are doing the right things online.

That leaves the magical 67% of people that we need to start building relationships with. These are the people that may not know you or your widget. People who need your widget but have not found the right reason to open their wallets. These are the people that we need to target.

Starting the Relationship

Today people are looking for solutions to problems. When you think about your ideal client try to think as they would. What are the major issues they face today? When they go to sleep what are they thinking about? How does your widget solve their problem? The more direct the match between your widget and their problem the better your chances.

Is Price The Real Issue?

Sure everyone wants if, for less, they look for a lower price? We have two choices. We can win at a lower price and feel undervalued!  Would it not be better to build a relationship by offering education and demonstrating the value add that you bring to the client. 

One of my clients in a previous life asked me one day “Why should I buy from you?” After a few seconds of silence that felt like an hour, I replied “ME!” yes with excitement and energy.  I had been chasing this client for over 12 months slowly building a relationship through on-site meetings and other communication. She looked at me laughed and said “Ok let’s try you out” Yes these were Jan’s exact words. Frankly, this was my last shot my reduced prices were being matched by the incumbent and I did not have any other answer to give him that I had not used already. Then when he asked if I could lower the price I told him “Sorry this pricing is the best I will do if you want Me. ” I still shop Kathmandu today as I feel they offer good value clothing.

Educate Your Prospects

Let your potential customers see what makes you different. You can do this in many ways but whatever way you chose to do it you will be empowering your prospect. Take a minute to be your prospect searching for the solution to the problem that keeps them awake.  They have had contact and built some trust in you through your relationship building on Social Media, Email Marketing, Blogs, Videos. Now they think you do things differently, you want them to have a good understanding of the widget and how it can solve their problem. They pick you over someone who is just selling on price because you have educated them.

A Lifetime Client

Now you have delivered everything you say and more, you have walked the talk. The trust is high as your client sees that you deliver. It is great that so many do not.

When your competitor comes calling and offering a lower price the chances are good that your client will be in touch and probably will not move. After all, the problem is solved and they are moving on to the next one. By the way, do you know what this is and do you have a solution. This is cross-selling so let’s talk about that later.


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