9 Reasons Why You Should Update Your Site in 2022

Does your website make you go Wow?

No or not really, you shouldn’t even continue reading this article. Just give us a call and we can get you started on the one you will love. A site that will effectively promote your work and help you book more clients. Otherwise, what’s the point in keeping this powerful marketing tool, investing time and effort into it, if it doesn’t help your business grow?

Just having a website is not enouch! It needs to create a strong first impression and make your prospects feel like they’ve found THE ONE.  Not only must it look good, it needs to present information in a clear, accessible way.  Otherwise, you’re competing for the attention of the same audience alongside another few hundred businesses. And let’s agree, that’s an exhausting game.

Not sure if your site needs a makeover? Check out these reasons why you may need one:

It Doesn’t Reflect Your Business

This one should be straightforward. Your website promotes your business online 24/7. If you’ve rebranded recently if your photography style changed and evolved, if you’re offering new products and services to your customers – your website should reflect and advocate that change. Otherwise, you’re attracting the wrong type of clients, those who are after your old type of work.

It’s not memorable and doesn’t stand out

What was cool 3 years ago, may not be this year. Maybe you were one of the early adopters of a new design style or aesthetic, but that was 2-4 years ago. Look around, everyone has similar website designs, especially if they use them ready out of the box. After all you need to attract more new customers.

Outdated Theme & Technologies

This one affects your visitors’ experience on your website and RANKING. “Old school is cool” does not apply when it comes to functionality. The digital world is constantly changing and evolving. Web standards shift each year, dictating new tools and technologies for building a good website. Your clients’ preferences and tastes shift even faster. What was trendy yesterday, may not be next week. Hence, if you want your business to succeed, you need to be agile with your visual presentation and website design.

If you’ve built your website over 4 years ago, most likely it’s far behind in terms of looks and functionality. It probably has outdated code that can slow down its loading speed or the way it responds on different devices. It may also not be compatible with some of the latest popular browsers. These are all factors that can affect your p[age ranking!

User Experience Factors

These not only send your visitors to your competitors but also affect your ranking on all search engines

Web site Loads Slow: If you’re not sure how quickly your site loads, use tools like Pingdom or GTmetrix to check how long it takes for your site to load, and which files are the troublemakers. Poor results could mean you have some work to do. Slow loading speed could be caused by a number of reasons: heavy, unoptimized images, underpowered hosting, and even an old, poorly performing theme.

Mobile-Friendly: I sure hope this is not the case, but if you still don’t have a mobile-friendly website – get a new theme NOW! Even if you do have a responsive or adaptive design, you still need to keep up with the latest trends. Newer themes include modern CSS code which allows your site to adapt nicely to any device. They also allow you to hide certain page blocks for mobile and ensure a faster and smoother user experience. Also, you must know that Google cares about the experience you offer to your mobile guests since over 50% of website traffic comes from portable devices.

Bounce Rate is High: This is extremely important. If you’ve been pouring your heart and time into bringing a traffic to your website – yet the second they access your homepage (or any other page), they bounce right off of it – you have a problem. You’re losing leads and potential clients. A high bounce rate indicates that you’re doing something wrong, either with content, with the navigation of your website, or overall look and feel on your site. On average, a bounce rate between 40-60% is considered to be OK (this varies depending on your industry).

Call to Actions!

Are there enough of these and do they guide your visitor on a journey that answers their questions? Does it move your customers from content to proof to contact you?

So do you need a new website? Still not sure? Drop us a line 

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