2022 What Will It Hold

If the last year has taught us anything it is that our Crystal Balls are rather cloudy. Still, let’s take a look at what may trend in the online world in 2022! We have scoured the internet and taken the best of what we feel may be worth considering 

# Video Dominates 

Video content in digital marketing campaigns can yield fruitful results, this trend should continue. This is because, according to research from video creation tool company Animoto (via SocialMediaToday), 93% of respondents said that video is helpful when they’re purchasing a product.

This can take many forms including, product demonstrations, customer reviews, and behind-the-scenes videos of your business processes. We have been using video for the last 2 years on our customer’s websites to deliver a point of difference and engage first-time visitors. KEEP IT SHORT

#User Experience (UX) 

Your prospective client is expecting feedback NOW! Faster is not just better it is ESSENTIAL to keep him/her on your site. Search Engines are also factoring User Experience into their results.  This means that if your competitors website loads faster then chances are your customer is there and your website’s position may be reduced in search engine rankings. This obviously will negatively affect the traffic.

Here are the basics of UX (user experience)

  1. Fast load speed. These are technical issues a good SEO team will make sure this is handled.
  2. Easy to Follow Structure.  Logical structures make it easy to find information quickly. Less can be more. A good design team will work with you on this
  3. Mobile Use continues to increase. This is not new but one that can not be forgotten. It is not only about being mobile-friendly. Consider the images and text as important parts of a great mobile site.

# Content 

Search engines will continue to prioritise content quality. So focus on the user experience by using clear, attractive, engaging, and informative content. Visitors are attracted by content that gives them the information they are searching for. They did not start out looking for you but for a solution to their problem. Whether it is a widget to peel potatoes to a hotel for a romantic weekend, your website is there to solve a problem make sure it does.

As an aside content should be considered as not only text but included images and video!

As we see the continued use of “Smart Devices” such as Alexa, Siri or Cortana we need to make sure we optimise pages for voice searches as well.

#Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) 

To put it simply this is why you have a website. TO GET NEW CUSTOMERS. These are the lifeblood of a business. This may be a free trial purchase, or a subscription, a free book, intro class. It is about building a

relationship with the online visitor so that when they are ready to buy they buy from you.

The two things to consider are how are people getting to your website and what are they doing while they are there. Once you understand these you can plan what to do to increase the conversions. This can include changes to the website, page structure, page content, digital marketing including PPC, and SEO Email Marketing to name a few.

#Social Media

Events in the last 2 years have increased the time people have spent online, there is no indication that this is likely to reduce. We are scrolling, posting, and engaging across nearly all social media channels. So what to expect:

  1. 81% of shoppers were already using social media to discover new brands and research products before the pandemic. So why not help those users checkout in the same app just makes sense.
  2. As staffing resources have been stretched by lockdowns, issues with supply chains, and recruitment challenges,  customers are discovering that they can get answers to their questions more conveniently using social media.
  3. Paid Advertising is here to stay. Hootsuite’s 2022 Social Media Trends survey found 43% of respondents said “the decline of organic reach and the need to increase paid advertising budgets” was their biggest challenge on social media. This is second only to consistently coming up with ideas for content.

#Remote Work

While some remember the good old days where the office provided a social outlet as well as income, many have adapted to remote work and socialising online. A comprehensive strategy that takes this into account is vital. Whether you are B2B, B2C, or a hybrid of this you need to be where your customers are.

A strategy needs to

  1.  Where are your customers socialising? Is it Tik Tok, Insta, Facebook, Linked In, or somewhere else?
  2. What time of day are they there? A vital question to target any paid advertising and posting that you do.
  3. How do they like to be engaged? Video, posts, private message
  4. Do not forget Email Marketing to help maintain existing clients, get referrals and approach other new opportunities

Want to know more just email me your questions at info@web8.co.nz


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