2021 Do I Need a Website ?

Today you can have a website for pretty much anything, if you want to put it online then can. Even now we are still seeing a lot of small businesses do not have a website or have a website that damages their business.  

Why is this? Well much research has been done and the results are not surprising. The three main reasons are

  1. They don’t have the skills. Fair enough I don’t have the skills to do accounts so I have an accountant
  2. They don’t have the time. As a small business owner, we are busy.  I have a life sentence block and there are jobs I just don’t have the time for so I engage a company that specializes in these tasks. They can do them in half the time that it takes me (faster in reality). I can be focused on what I am good at. I still get on the ride-on and mow the lawns while listening to podcasts
  3. Here is the Surprise. Many say they just don’t need a site because they have plenty of business or they use social media!

Here are a few reasons why your business should have a site.

First Impressions Count

First impressions count, and they count big, what’s yours like? Now before we even head out to the mall we are searching online for what we are looking for. When customers search online and don’t find you, that’s their first impression. If they see a competitor instead of you, then your competitor had a new customer.


Your site needs to include these as a minimum

  1. Responsive Design.  Works perfectly regardless of the size of screen or type of device accessing it
  2. Easy to use. Navigation should be smooth and information they want easily accessible
  3. A clean and good looking design.  Something that looks smooth and professional
  4. Good Load Speed. Noone waits anymore it must load quickly and smoothly. As for errors and bugs, you lose another customer
  5. Useful information and good content – Give your prospect an overview of your business and that you can do what you say you do.

Referral Customers Can Be Lost without you knowing it 

We all love those referrals half the job has been done by our customers. So I have been referred to your business and go looking online for you, only to find that you are not there!  Here is what I am thinking:

  1. You don’t care that much about your customers, they are searching for you and you can’t be bothered even to help them find your official site, why should I then bother with your business?
  2.  Or equally as bad I think maybe this company cannot afford a website. In which case, they will then think that the company might be about to go broke. Are they going to trust this product? If they can’t afford a website, can they afford to make a quality product? They think to themselves.
  3. Even Worse they just assume you are closed for good and go elsewhere


Imagine for a moment a salesman coming up to you in the street with no credentials or ID, it’s not the best first impression. Having a website is a professional move in the eyes of the consumer, just as a business not having one is an unprofessional move. Your site allows customers to find out more about you, your product, and gather any information they need. Even if it’s just the peace of mind that you have an online presence, this lets a potential customer start to take you seriously.

Not having a website stands out like a neon sign in the dark saying we’re CLOSED and we are not that good at what we do. 

 Customers start to think maybe you have something to hide, do you?

24/7 365 You are being seen 

Ever woken up at 2 am not being able to sleep so jump online to look for that product or service you are after. Your online presence never sleeps, open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Even when working hours might be over, your website stays on without any additional work or effort from yourself or your team. Or you are on the tools, in a meeting, driving, just not able to answer the phone.

You never really know when a customer might be looking for some information about your company. They have the luxury of being able to do this from the comfort of their bed; it might be 3 am on Saturday for all we know. Super convenient for customers

What if you’re in a new area and need to buy some flowers, the local shopping area is a little out of your way what are you going to prefer? Travel a few miles there to possibly find something, or have a quick look online and see if there is definitely an option there for you? If you see there is a suitable store, then you are going to make the journey.

Building the Relationship

People who view your website are probably looking for your service product widget. This is an excellent chance for you to reach out, let them get to know your business better. After all, this is why they will visit your website they want to know more about what it is you offer. This is a great opportunity to build a connection, maybe by getting a new email subscriber to your monthly newsletter or perhaps it’s just them finding out interesting insider facts about your business. You may even include videos to show how best to use your product or service. It may not just be the initial visitor maybe they like what they see so they hit the share icon and send it to their network. 


Branding is not a new thing. Companies have established themselves as brands for years; the difference is that in the modern business world, it has become imperative to do so and to do it well. In today’s digital world we are bombarded with messages everywhere we look. So as a startup or small business it is non-negotiable that you build and refine a brand image, and a website is the rally-point for your brand’s followers. Your website is the creative space in which you can speak directly to the target audience. The value is immeasurable because of the potential it has to boost your brand awareness. Your site reflects who you are as a brand, so take the time to design and create it accordingly. A sloppy website is a sloppy brand.

Your Competitors Have One

Probably the most obvious but no less important. With such a high volume of people spending hours and hours online every day, a website is your best chance of attracting new people to your brand and building a loyal customer base. Your competitor’s website may have a poor design and clunky load-up times, but if they have a site and you don’t, they will always be at least one step ahead.


You Haven’t Got a Website. Really?

For a business of any type, whether you are just starting out or a big-name brand, a website is more than a crucial aspect of a company; it’s what the modern market has come to expect. Without a website, your target market will not see you and go to your competitors. Forget about how this looks and branding for a minute this is MONEY FLYING OUT THE WINDOW. 

When you consider how little it costs to get a website off the ground and the benefits it will provide you with, not having a site is really bad for business and severely limits your growth

Web8 offers a variety of different web packages, all of which can be scaled to suit your needs and provide you with the best site possible.

As a startup owner in the digital world, you will most likely be familiar with modern tech and all things ‘online’. Just think how many different websites you visit on a daily basis, many of which will be for specific products or services, some of which began as startups. To follow in the footsteps of other successful startups before you, it will take a lot of hard work and dedication, but you’ll also need to get on board with the online movement. Doing so will always require a website.

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